Item 10: Find the author on our blog with a small purple heart symbol on the page and read a book by that author. This will require you dig around our blog to find it. Already read them all? You can do a search for authors with similar styles and read one of those books. Don't like this author's works? Then you are dead to me. Just kidding, if you look on goodreads for "authors like XX" then you will get a large range of authors and should be able to find at least one you would like to read. Many of their suggestions are authors who in my opinion are nothing like this author.

If you decided to read a different author, please post the link where you found that the author you are reading is similar to this author.

Suggestion: This is a clue that I would keep hidden from others until close to the end of the challenge. So if you find the answer, I wouldn't post who it is, I'd wait and post the review and book shortly before the close of the challenge otherwise you'll be giving the answer away. You can respond by saying you found who it is and you will or won't be reading a book by that person.

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