Welcome to the The Readers Room Wikia[edit | edit source]

This is a discussion site for our blog followers who are participating in our seasonal challenge.

Visit the blog at www.thereadersroom.org for details on the challenges.

On this site, participants will be able to post discussions and photos related to various reading challenges.

Winter Challenge[edit | edit source]

In the month of December we will reveal the items and then you will have until the end of March to read your books. Starting December 1st and through December 31st we will reveal one "clue" or item for the scavenger hunt each day. We'll also post them on twitter each day. You can choose to read books for one item or for as many items as you wish (there will be 31 revealed). You can check in each day on the challenge page "Winter challenge" in the pull-down menu under challenges.

Some clues will require you to take a picture of your book or a picture of you at a specific location. You can post all these photos on this page under the appropriate clue then update the blog to let us know what is your score. Some clues will require that you dig around our blog to find the answers. Other items will require that you think creatively and do some research.

Find instructions on the challenge here: http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Winter_Scavenger_Hunt

To post your photo for a specific item, just locate it in the links below, click on the link and post your photo or evidence as a comment to the page.

Links to the clues can be found here:

December 1, 2015. Item # 1: Author who shares bday with you. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/December_1:_Item_1

December 2, 2015: Item #2: Book listed at # 4 on a book list. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_2:_Item_2

December 3. Item #3: Author interaction http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_3rd:_Item_3

December 4. Item #4: Book with water on the cover http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_4:_Item_4

December 5. Item #5: Beautiful book cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_5th:_Item_5

December 6. Item #6: Number in the title http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_6:_Item_6

December 7. Item #7: Book from blog "Read Around the World Country. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_7:_Item_7

December 8. Item #8 Go on Literary excursion. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_8:_Item_8

December 9. Item #9: Book with shapes or symbols on cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_9:_Item_9

December 10. Item #10: Find the heart symbol http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_10:_Item_10

December 11. Item #11: Book with purple cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_11:_Item_11

December 12. Item #12: Library excursion http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_12:_Item_12

December 13. Item #13: Animals on the cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_13:_Item_13

December 14. Item #14: Ugly book cover http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_14:_Item_14

December 15. Item #15 Book with 324 pages. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_15:_Item_15

December 16. Item #16: Book signed by author. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_16:_Item_16

December 17 Item #17: Book read by a participant from one of our blog challenges. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_17:_Item_17

December 18. Item #18: self published or indie book http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_18:_Item_18

December 19. Item #19: Little Free library excursion. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_19:_Item_19

December 20. Item #20: An illustrated book. Read instructions here: http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_20:_Item_20

December 21. Item #21: A book with only words, no images on cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_21:_Item_21

December 22. Item #22: Main character shares your initials or name. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_22:_Item_22

December 23. Item #23: Judge a book by its cover. Part 3. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_23:_Item_23

December 24. Item #24: Support your indie bookstore. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_24:_Item_24

December 25. Item #25: "Gift" Exchange. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_25:_Item_25

December 26. Item #26: A book with fruit on the cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_26:_Item_26

December 27. Item #27: A book with a map inside. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_27:_Item_27

December 28. Item #28: Blog related challenge: who do you agree with? http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_28:_Item_28

December 29. Item #29: The sky at night. A book with stars or moon on cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_29:_Item_29

December 30. Item #30: Art on the cover. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_30:_Item_30

December 31. Item #31: A book published during our challenge months. http://the-readers-room.wikia.com/wiki/Dec_31:_Item_31

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