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Welcome to our discussion forum for the Reader's Room Winter Challenge: Scavenger Hunt!

Winter Reading Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

In the month of December we will reveal the items and then you will have until the end of March to read your books. Starting December 1st and through December 31st we will reveal one "clue" or item for the scavenger hunt each day. We'll also post them on twitter each day. You can choose to read books for one item or for as many items as you wish (there will be 31 revealed). You can check in each day on the challenge page "Winter challenge" in the pull-down menu under challenges.

Some clues will require you to take a picture of your book or a picture of you at a specific location. You can post all these photos on this page under the appropriate clue then update the blog to let us know what is your score. Some clues will require that you dig around our blog to find the answers. Other items will require that you think creatively and do some research.


The challenge will begin December 1 and end March 15, 2016. Here's what you will need to do

1. Sign up for the challenge on our blog challenge page. You'll find this in the drop down menu bar titled "challenges --> Winter challenge." To sign up simply write a comment telling us you will be participating and you can then use this first comment to keep tabs on your challenge progress. 2. Check in each day in December for new clues/items. 3. Search for the book that fits the item, read it, and if required/necessary post photo proof here in this site or in twitter #rrscavengerhunt 4. Update your score every so often on the blog page so we know how you are doing. We will be checking the blog and this site regularly to make sure we don't miss any responses. So what do you say? Are you in or out? Sign up on our blog and check out the detailed instructions on our challenge page.